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    One Sunday after church we decided to do an impromptu photo shoot with my son Kai. He was looking snazzy in his jacket and Chuck Taylor’s so we couldn’t resist. We had a blast running around the courtyard at our church in Pensacola, FL. He really did well taking direction and even posed for a few of the shots.

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  • September3rd


    We had a great time walking around downtown Pensacola for Johanna’s Senior Portraits. Her and her mom were very enjoyable to work with. They even let us experiment with a few new ideas we had. It was early evening and the lighting was great. Lots of shade to work with and some many great places in such a close area.

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  • September2nd

    09 Blue Bonnets

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    Blue Bonnet Photos

    Personal family photos of our kids running around in the blue bonnets that grow wild all over Texas. Austin, TX has a bunch of place in and around the city. On our trip out to Austin, people where stop on the sides of highways and roads to get their annual shots. I guess blue bonnets are to Austin, what beach pictures are to Pensacola, Fl. We had a fun time letting the kiddies run around and snapped a few posed shots as well.

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  • September1st

    Colleen & Ben

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    Colleen and Ben

    We had a great time with Colleen and Ben on Pensacola Beach, FL for their wonderful wedding. It was bit breezy, but we took it in stride and had fun anyway. Colleen and Ben we’re such a great couple to work with and really laid back, which made it a relaxing shoot.

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  • August23rd

    Studio 3087 Locations Map

    We are excited to offer our creative services in two US locations. We also do destination work and will gladly travel to any locations we are needed. Feel free to contact one of us below and we will be honored to be a part of your next creative need.

    Studio 3087 • Austin, Texas
    Contact: Jonathan Austin

    Studio 3087 • Pensacola, Florida
    Contact: Van Klimetz

  • December3rd


    Thanksgiving day 2008 photo shoot of the Campbell Family. We really enjoyed meeting the Campbell family at the Four Seasons at Austin, TX. The wonderful Christmas decorations created the perfect backdrop for their family portraits.

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